Get to know me

I guess your here to find out about me! My names Joyce I have 20 years in the florist industry and 10 years in my own business. I now thrive in the cozy embrace of my home studio. Having transitioned from brick-and-mortar to a more personal setting, I am dedicated to providing you with fast and efficient service. Let's create beautiful moments together, as the art of floristry unfolds from the heart of my home to yours. If you are a new customer or one of decades please know I am here to help you with a seamless flower ordering experience that meets the convenience of modern living.

Fun facts about me

I have a dog called Dougal who we named after the fabulous show Father Ted! My son has a dog called Jack and my daughter had a dog called Ted so we really almost had the whole crew!

I love flowers and floristry but don't ask me about gardening! (not my specialty) 

I have taken to a love of cruises and luckily we can do them when the flower market closes every few years

I'm so short I need cushions on my seat when I drive my car

I also make candles for my daughters business Pretty Soul Stories

Thats all the facts you need for now (that are safe for the internet!)

Reach out if I can help you today

Joyce x

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